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About Us

University professors are becoming increasingly inaccessible to help guide students in the way that is needed for them to learn the skills they need to write strong and effective essays, dissertations and theses. We provide bespoke writing tutoring services to help you learn how to become the best possible academic writer within you. Tell us what you are struggling with and we will work with you to get your assignments turned in at a quality that you and your professors are happy with.

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An essay without a strong outline takes at least twice as long to write and often lacks organisation. With this service, we will help outline your writing project paragraph by paragraph and find the academic sources you need to write these paragraphs well.


Writing Skills Development

This is everything you wish that your lecturers would tell you from how to read and take notes to where to start coming up with a good idea for your essay. This is a mentorship service to help you with everything outside of outlining and editing your essay (and really anything else you need academic help with).



An unpolished essay will always prevent you from getting high marks. Unfortunately, after writing an essay, few students care about the editing process of academic writing, However, if your marker is distracted by the syntax, grammar, and missing points, it will not matter how good your ideas are. In this service, we will identify and help you fix these flaws. 

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We help students transform the knowledge gained during their university studies and transform it into well-written essays and research projects. We can help you learn how to develop and effectively communicate your ideas in your academic writing.


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DeDe is efficient and very helpful with her feedback. Very happy with her service.

Rebecca, MA in Business Leadership

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