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Our Services

We have three primary services. We can help you outline the perfect essay and provide detailed editing with in-depth feedback. Our writing skills development service is everything in between in which we can provide in-depth guidance on finding sources, building your argument and effectively addressing the marking criteria. All the lessons are online via Zoom, except for the editing service. This service does not require your presence, send us your draft and we will edit it at the scheduled time. 

Before you book any lesson, please book a free 15-minute introductory call so that we can discuss your needs and whether we can help you.

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Our Plans

We understand that as students you often need help over long periods of time and on several projects. If you have enjoyed your first lesson with us, consider buying one of our packages below. The more tutoring lessons you buy in bulk, the more money you save in the long run. Our plans never expire, so you can consider these as an investment for the semester, academic year or perhaps throughout your entire degree programme.

  • 5 Tutoring Sessions

    Inclusive of all services. Pay all at once, use at any time
  • 10 Tutoring Sessions

    Inclusive of all services, pay all at once, use at any time
  • 20 Tutoring Sessions

    Inclusive of all services, pay all at once, use at any time
  • 30 Tutoring Sessions

    Best Deal. Perfect for an entire academic year. Use anytime
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